About Us

At poledancingshoes4me.co.uk we have a passion for pole dancing and you have guessed it pole dancing shoes. We set up this site to show girls ( and boys) where they can buy pole shoes for dancing in whether they take part for pleasure, fun or business.

Pole fitness has taken the world by storm over the past few years, and whilst many schools don;t like girls to wear 6 inch stripper shoes whilst practising new moves, many schools encourage girls to wear platform shoes during performances and special events.

Pole dancing in a pair of 6 inch heels can add to the pleasure of pole dancing for fun and fitness but knowing where to buy your first pair can be a little daunting and traumatic which is why we set up this site to shows girls in the UK and Europe where to buy pole shoes online.

We only list reputable online shoe shops that sell platform pole shoes at reasonable prices. We aim to tell you when a store has a sale on so that you can buy shoes at the best available price.

We show you where to buy pole shoes what ever your budget.

Buy The Best Pole Dancing Shoes Ever!